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1<%=[turl_header [turl_system_name]]%>
3a tiny url system, provided as a service to the entire
4Internet by <a href="">mek</a>.
6<h2>Hey! You sent my SPAM "you c***sucking m****f***er, why don't you just die!"*</h2>
7<i> * Actual quote from an email, after I corrected the spelliing</i>
9A little info about SPAM and how it affects MYTURL.COM.  First
10note the terms of service:
12<b>Terms of Use</b>
14T url was created to make posting long URLs easier. Using it for spamming purposes is forbidden and any such use is simply stupid and you will be reported to all ISPs involved and to the proper governmental agencies.
16This service and software is provided without warranty of any kind.
19But people will include MYTURL.COM links in SPAM. If this happens
20I am sorry.  At the bottom of each web page is an email address, if
21you find an email that is SPAM and contains a MYTURL.COM link, I ask
22a favor or few:
24<li>Forward a copy of the email to <code><a href=""></a></code></li>
25<li>Report the spammer to the various real time blacklist sites, including <a href="">Spamhaus</a>, <a href="">Spamcop</a>, and <a href="">Uribl</a>.</li>
27Why? Well, if somebody does happen to ignore my Terms of Service, I would
28like the chance to investigate when the link was create and put additional
29steps in place to attempt to make sure it doesn't happen again.
31Next, MYTURL.COM uses many black listing services in an attempt to block
32those links from being created. Just as with SPAM, it is very difficult
33to keep up with new tactics that spammers will use. If people sending
34spam are reported to the proper places, it makes it easier to get them
35blocked quicker.
36<h2>How does MYTURL.COM attempt to block spammers?</h2>
37MYTURL.COM does a number of things in an attempt to block SPAM.
39<li>We check the incoming address when somebody attempts to add a URL,
40if that incoming IP address is on a SPAM blacklist (also called Realtime
41Blacklist or RBL), MYTURL.COM refuses the link and gives the spammer en
42error message.</li>
43<li>If the incoming IP address (or host) passes the above test, MYTURL.COM
44then checks the URL and IP address of the given link against 5 realtime
45blacklist.  If the URL or IP address of the link is found to be on
46one of those lists, a MYTURL.COM link is not created and the user
47is given an error message.</li>
48<li>If the link passes those two tests, the MYTURL.COM link is created.</li>
49<li>Each time a MYTURL.COM link is clicked on, when the connection
50comes to the server, before the link is redirected it is check to see
51if the link has turned up on a realtime blacklist.  If that link
52is NOW on a blacklist, the link is *not* redirected and a message
53is displayed.</li>
54<li>Every two hours, all links that have been clicked in the two hour
55period are checked to see if those links fail the blacklist testing. Failing
56links are disabled</li>
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